© 2017 Ashish Bisaria

Speaking and blogging are a passion. Not for self-serving needs, but to simply pay it forward. Over twenty-two years of professional experience, leaders, mentors, friends and family have influenced the way I approach leading change and transformation. My success that has been built on the shoulders of many has also taught me that it is time to let others stand on my shoulders.

The platform of public speaking and blogging allows me to share real life stories and learnings, in a humorous way, that are guaranteed to make the audience inquisitive.


Speaker . Blogger . Story Teller

Eloquence is in the assembly, not merely in the speaker.

Live, Create, Tell The Story! Repeat.

Storytelling is about stitching together life observations and experiences. My journey extends over seven countries and five continents of living, travel to over hundred countries, leading over fifteen post integration M&A projects, three major business transformations, and three country turnarounds. 

The common theme for all my speeches is the role of employees during change and importance of keeping an eye on customer experience during transition.

Great stories happen to those who are willing to tell them. I am here to share stories about leading business transformations, driving change, delivering customer experience and inspiring a whole new generation of employees to embark on these journeys and design the future.

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