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Conversations: Leading Change

April 2, 2017


I fear not change, but will we change enough to be relevant? - Ashish


Failed business transformations, under delivered M&A benefit, incomplete integrations; the business landscape are dotted with these stories. Fear of change and folks stuck in the past are the most cited excuse for these results.


Having led successfully over 15 M&A projects, three major business transformations, and three company turnarounds, the success of delivering change is predicted by these simple steps.


Step 1: Tell A Story

Visualize, paint and tell the story of what the change will deliver? The narrative is like a movie idea that you pitch to financier to raise money.


Step 2: Chunk It

Change the idea of 'possible' future that looks 5-10 years out, to 'certain' future that looks out no more than two years out. Design the transformation around 'certain' future while enabling the 'possible' future, would it turn out to be true.


Step 3: Tell The Story Again

Once you have defined the 'certain' and the 'possible' future, share the story with your stakeholders, your employees, and your customers. This is the script that movie directors need.


Step 4: Garnish Support

Involve the folks that get excited about your story. Identify the influencers and gather their support. Most importantly, find customers who are willing to be part of the transformation as your guide and council.


Step 5: Deliver Shiny Objects Periodically

Nothing is more frustrating for the organization than to wait months and years to get value out of the transformation project. Find ways to deliver value repeatedly, often, and celebrate publicly.


Step 6: Tell The Story About Shiny Object

No point delivering value along the transformation journey and not sharing it clearly, succinctly and loudly with stakeholders, employees, and customers. After all, what is the point of discovering Shangri-La and not sharing the pictures with others? 


Step 7: Rinse And Repeat

If the story has been chunked correctly, periodic shiny objects are being delivered, rinse and repeat that formula till the project is completed. Release the blockbuster movie.



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