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Conversations: Acceptance

May 2, 2017

Acceptance is a birth skill, that atrophies over the years if not used regularly - Ashish


The biggest fear of a first-time bicycle learner is the ability to balance a bike. Not once does the student realize that while balancing is important, pedaling is far more important. The momentum created by the pedal is what allows one to balance.


And in that process of pedaling is the art of acceptance. While you push down on one leg, one has to without thinking let the other leg accept and relent for the other pedal to come up. The process of movement is caused by an equal balance of pushing and accepting. These processes are mutually dependent.


Why does that level of acceptance come so naturally while bicycling? Why in life do we believe that pushing hard is the only route to success? Do relationships suffer due to constant desire to push?


Acceptance as in many eastern culture martial arts like Tai Chi, Gung Fu highlight that winning a hand to hand combat often requires the acceptance of the aggressor power, accepting it and using it to defeat the aggressor.


Life is full of examples where acceptance as a mutually dependent partner of pushing makes for success. So can we spend a little more time accepting and not pushing?

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