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Conversations: Gratitude

June 2, 2017

Gratitude uplifts humanity in its tide equally - Ashish


How does one build character in their teenage kids, who by the very virtue of their age, are open to questioning every new idea? How does a life lesson not come across as a 'lecture?' And how does one build multiple good values simultaneously?


Gratitude! In this one habit lies the crucible of multiple good values. In practicing this one habit, we grow as individuals to be respectful, kind, and understanding.


We are born with incredible amounts of gratitude. In our cries and laughs as infants, in our holding to our parents fingers and cuddles, in our pulling parents cheeks and kissing them, is the ultimate thankfulness and gratitude for what they do for us. And as we grow older, we start to shed the skin of gratitude slowly.


Protect that skin. Gratitude uplifts the human spirit, more for the giver than the receiver. It inspires and motivates. Gratitude amplifies manifestation. For the believers in energy, gratitude shifts the energy and puts you in harmony with yourself.


Remember, gratitude is the sign of noble souls.



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