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Conversations: Global Citizen

July 2, 2017

Our citizenship should be to humanity and to the world, no more, no less - Ashish


Summer holidays is about traveling with my boys, discovering new cultures and regions. Global travelers, these young boys are all about. While we travel, the topic-du-jour is 'globalization' and how the world is getting segmented between those who believe in globalization and those who don't.


Politics aside, the message should be less about borders, and more about attitude. Business is done between people. Underlying the concept of business is the human relationship. People live on all sides of a border. So why has building relationship across border frowned? 


History has proven that civilizations have thrived through global trade. New learnings, new ideas, new products, new developments, have all come through looking beyond borders.


As we travel this summer, my kids and I will look at building bridges with new people, knowing one day these new relationships will keep the door of globalization open and busy. 









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