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Conversations: Role Of A Dad

October 4, 2017


Just don't preach about peace, practice peace - Ashish


My kids and I are blessed. We have had food, shelter, and health all of our life so far. Human tragedy is real, and part of the world we three live in. We understand, empathize, worry, try helping, speak against hatred, etc. But is that enough?


I struggle writing this blog as I am heartbroken. If natural disasters, poverty, health issues and epidemics wasn’t bad enough, senseless violence is starting to be the norm worldwide. Kids are growing in an intolerant and cruel world, created by us humans. So what does a dad do to protect his kids from this unforgiving world? How do I as a dad make a difference?


Upon careful reflection, I have decided that:

  • I will NOT protect my kids from news of the tragedy. I will talk about it purposefully and deliberately. I will sit and understand how they feel about it? I will learn how the news is impacting them? I will ask them what they intend to do with the knowledge of that tragedy? 

  • I will FORCE them to constantly think about how they intend to live their adult life? I will listen and understand their thoughts about it.

  • I will MANDATE that they make kindness a part of their belief system for life.

  • I will LOVE them and through that teach them that love is the most priceless human value. 

  • I will HUG them as often as I can through their heartaches and pains and broken dreams and remind them; it is about dusting oneself off the ground one more time. 

  • I will LEAVE behind me two responsible adults that will stand against hate.

  • I will TEACH them to raise responsible children of their own if they choose to have any.


And that will be enough for this dad on his dying bed.

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