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Conversations: Tears

November 15, 2017

Tears have the power in them to heal and connect people - Ashish


Tears! A personal expresión of pain or happiness. But do we realize tears are mostly selfish? They are mostly shed because of perceived loss that was caused to us. The focus is internal looking. We wallow in our self pity because we needed something and did not get it or lost it. Selfish tears.


Now there are tears of sadness or anger driven towards an external event of travesty. When your heart hurts for other. When you feels someone's else pain and cry. Those tears mean something very different and have the power in them to drive a change to make the world a better place. Kind tears.


Promise to work on the kind tears even when selfish tears is all you can think about. During the moments of loss when we hurt, try thinking about how the loss impacts others and cry for them. Hug those that hurt and cry with them while slowly but surely building them up. Shed a tear because the loss took something away from the world that the world deserved. 


Your heart will grow kinder, one tear at a time.

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