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Conversations: Hardship

December 15, 2017

Let moments of hardship be a mirror for you - Ashish 


Hardship fuels focus and drive in some. Hardship is also known to make a few give up. The choice lies in us humans the path we let our emotions guide us during hardship.


Personal and professional life will have its perils and hardship. But if you can find a moment to step away from the emotion, to look at the entire situation more objectively, here are a few things you will discover:

  1. It will highlight a deeper purpose

  2. It will inspire you to accept the challenge

  3. It will make you determined to do something about it

  4. You will find a way, even if the way may not be clear in the moment

  5. You will come out of it a better, stronger person

  6. The lessons you learn and more importantly what you learn about yourself will help you grow as a person

However, I must warn you. Come out on the other side with more humility, kindness, and love. Do not let the hardship make your heart cold or you overcoming the challenge make you egoistic. Let hardship be life lessons for personal growth.



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