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Conversations: Words and Deeds

February 15, 2018


With 'words' and 'deeds,' we insert ourselves into the human world - Ashish


Your deeds are transparent, and the world can see it and make judgments about your character. However, words are spoken and hidden. 


Your spoken words are how you consciously choose to show up and enter the world. You are the expression of creative life forces and all your views, thoughts and inward beauty. Make sure your words reflect that inner beauty that is you.


However, your unspoken words show up in your deeds. Do your unspoken words align with your spoken words? Are your deeds aligned with who you want to be? Do you say something, and do something different?


Your deeds predicate your desire to exist and act in better ways. Let your inner beauty be the far-flashing beam of light that spreads kindness and goodness. 

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