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Conversations: Emotions

April 26, 2019


'You are too emotional! -A statement over the years directed as ridicule. If a girl is 'emotional,' she is labeled as a drama queen. If a guy is being 'emotional,' he is labeled as weak.




When did having emotions became a bad thing for humanity? Isn't it emotions that bind us together? Do we really want a world where people did not have, and at the very least, did not show emotions?


Will we even survive as human beings without emotions?


Some might say it is not showing emotions that is the problem. It is 'overly emotional' that is the concern. How does one define what is 'over?' What is the threshold that one crosses when it becomes over?


How about a world where it is ok to have emotions, and show emotions? How about a world where one is being 'emotional' we hug the individual rather than lecture them?


We find the antidotes to our most painful states of mind by leaning directly into the emotions itself.


Emotions highlight what we hold dear. Would you not want to support that individual on things they hold dear? Do you really want to tell your loved ones to get over it? To get over what matters to them?


To my loved ones and friends, be emotional. Let me learn what matters to you. I will find a way to support you.


Our emotions are full of wisdom. They are the keys to deepening our practice and our relationships with our world. -Judith Simmons-Brown

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