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Conversations: Need vs Want

January 2, 2017



Know the difference between what you want and what you need!


What I want and what I need, is it congruent?


My need includes but not limited to, stability, the comfort of my house, familiar environment, friends and family around me, golf weekends on courses where the bounces go in my favor. 


What do I want? I want to travel to every country in the world. I do not want boring routines. Unknown frontiers excite me, and the thrill of trying something new awakes my spirits. I like meeting new people of all cultures to help me grow as a citizen of the world.


So who I want and what I need is not congruent.


Do our customers know what they want versus what they need for themselves? Organizations spend inordinate time trying to understand and meet the needs/wants of a customer. But what if the customer has no idea what they want or need?


Innovation is best defined as the solution that creates a need and then fills it by making the customer want it.


To the innovators, keep creating need and want.


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